The Forest Industry Safety Summit showcases new practices, systems and tools for improving forest safety – focused on local and practical outcomes.

Over 500 forestry contractors, managers, owners, health & safety leaders, harvest planners, transport operators and government representatives attended our last Safety Summit in 2015.

1-2 March 2017
7-8 March 2017
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Event Details

Forest Industry Safety Summit 2017

In 2015 at the 2nd FIEA Forest Industry Safety Summit series, we hosted 500 forestry contractors, managers and owners as well as health and safety leaders, CEOs, harvest planners, transport operators. Forestry people came from New Zealand, Australia and around the world. For 2017 this biennial conference series aims to give a further boost for practical people wanting to bring change.

Previous delegates will recall the inspiring advice from experienced change agents like Reynold Hert (CEO – BC Forest Safety Council) and Stephen Falk (Switchback – “People can change”). Your feedback told us these people inspired many of you to initiate in your own workplaces. We continue this journey by bringing you more new, inspiring and practical people in March 2017.

It’s clear that many people in forestry across Australasia are fully committed to making positive change. Our 2017 event will support those of you wanting to change workplace cultures and outcomes on the forest floor. This, our 3rd biennial FIEA Forest Industry Safety Summit, will again bring you the latest tools and technologies for practical safety solutions.

We will have inspiring speakers from both inside our forestry sector and leaders in other industries. This summit provides new networking opportunities to learn from other motivated people and gain new information.

FIEA is committed to ensuring people attending summit in either Rotorua or Melbourne find some inspiration and positive motivation for their own drivers to make a difference for their people on the forest floor and at the bushline.

#1 People and Culture

This will be our primary focus as it is a strong driver of safety improvement. Our keynote speaker for these sessions will be focused on how CEOs need to initiate and own changes in safety attitudes. Other speakers will continue with this theme on what drives culture change and how everyone in the workplace can benefit from learning from incidents in a informative and positive way.

#2 Technologies and Systems

At the same time as software is making safety administration easier, machinery technologies are changing fast at the leading edge of primary and extraction industries. Our focus is to bring the leaders with relevant experience In exciting new technologies can help us in forestry. Technologies from within (think Waratah’s developments on chainshot) and autonomous control from outside (think Rio Tinto’s Mine of the Future at Pilbara) can be profitably adapted, adopted and successfully employed in forestry sector.

Event Dates & Locations

  • 1-2 March 2017, Rotorua, NEW ZEALAND
  • 7-8 March 2017, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Who will be Attending?

  • Forestry contractors
  • Forestry managers
  • Forestry owners
  • Forestry consultants
  • Health & safety leaders
  • Harvest planners
  • Transport operators
  • Government representatives


We work closely with a wide range of New Zealand, Australian and other international companies, service suppliers, researchers and government bodies to develop a strong and innovative programme. The programme will be announced closer to the event.

If you are interested in being part of the programme, please fill in the form below.

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Keynote Sessions

Cos Bruyn, CEO
Downer Group

“Moral before legal obligations”

In 2012 one of my employees, Graham Brown, was killed at work. It was one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with as a chief executive. Graham had worked from Downer for nearly 40 years when he was struck by a metal hose clamp after a high pressure hose flew off a compressor while rockfall clearing near Milford Sound. I still remember the shock when I got the call. But it has made me even more determined to make sure we manage our critical risks and to do everything I can to prevent another event like this.

Peter Sprout, President
Blue Dog Enterprises

“Tree faller certification: Lessons from 10 year’s of industry experience”

From western Canada’s ‘forestry’ province of British Columbia (BC), Peter is a practical and highly regarded safety professional in tree falling. He is an industry falling leader with extensive experience revising the Falling Standard run by the BC Forest Safety Council. For decades he has been providing technical and advisory support to falling operations throughout BC and several states in USA.

Peter has more than 44 years of diverse forestry industry experience. From yarding and loading at 16 years of age to hook tender, crew boss, production faller, Qualified Supervisor Trainer, company owner, industry association chair, board member and provincial falling safety program manager, he is passionate about tree falling and faller safety.

Forest Safety Technologies
and Systems

“The latest innovations from around the world”

The three major forest machinery equipment suppliers around the world will be bringing the expertise of their latest technologists to discuss the potential for autonomous machines to forestry. Autonomous mining trucks are already the norm in large mining sites. Seeing what the future holds is the brief for our panel of international engineers and experts from USA and Australia.

Forest leaders and contractors in New Zealand have embraced new tree falling technologies for steep slope harvesting to lead the world in this area of safer productivity. You will hear what is in store for forest machinery controls in the future from our panel of experts including New Zealand’s own Paul Milliken. Find out how these new technologies will deliver and safety advantages of using autonomous control to forest machines.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Forest Safety Summit 2017 will be a tremendous opportunity for companies involved in forest safety to maximise their exposure to New Zealand and Australian forestry companies. This is a major event for this regions forestry sector and the last event, back in 2015, attracted over 500 industry representatives.

Exhibition spaces at this event are at a premium. FIEA has a well-deserved reputation of providing both sponsors and exhibitors with a unique platform for promoting their products and services to the industry in BOTH New Zealand and Australia.

For a full range of sponsorship options and benefits for the Forest Safety Summit 2017, or upcoming FIEA technology programmes planned, please include your details in the form on the right.

Gordon Thomson, Sponsorship Manager, (+64) 7 921 1384 or (+64) 27 275 8022,

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